Country Musics Hairstyles We Don't Miss

Country Musics Hairstyles We Don't Miss
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There's a lot in the history of country that we still love today. But one thing we hope never comes back around is the hair.

From Billy Ray Cyrus's epic mullet to Buck Owens super straight buzzcut, country music's history of hair is not always a beautiful one.

Though we still love all these performers and admire their commitment to their country style, here a few hairstyles we do not miss.

Buck Owens

We wonder how long it took for Buck to get every hair to stand up perfectly straight. Though the crew cut look was popular at the time, we're fine with leaving this army look in the past.

Reba McEntire

The 80's were tough on everybody's hair and this curly mess was not one of our favorite looks from Reba.

Dolly Parton

Dolly's gorgeous whatever the hairstyle. Though we love her big hair, we're happy she got past this almost-fro look from the 80's.

Joe Logan Diffie

Country Music really loved their mullets for awhile.  Adding the blonde mustache does not help!

The Judds

The Judds

Wyonna and Naomi went through many hairstyles over the years, but this was our least favorite. The teased bangs, crimped locks, and Naomi's triangle hair, it's just too much!

Chris Gaines aka Garth Brooks

Sure, Garth Brooks was trying out a rock persona with this hairstyle, but that's no excuse! This emo look with tiny goatee is a look we're glad got left in the 90's.

Tanya Tucker

A beautiful woman with lots of lovely hair, fell victim to the 80's trend of just frizzing it up as big as it'll go! This "electric shock" look is gone and we're glad.

Toby Keith

The mullet strikes again! Curly mullets need never return.

Miley Cyrus

Though Miley's gone more a little more pop than country, it still doesn't fix that hair. Hopefully she'll grow out of "the sticking her tongue out in every photo" phase just like she grew out those tiny buns.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Speaking of the Cyrus clan, we couldn't leave this list without the most infamous mullet of all. Billy Ray's greasy straight-curly monstrosity deserves to go to hair jail for life.

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