These Are the Top Countries For the Adventurous Beer Drinker

These Are the Top Countries For the Adventurous Beer Drinker

There are many reasons to travel. The sights, the scenery, and of course, the girls.

But also the beer.

America has done a great job catching up on the craft beer movement over the past ten years. You’d be hard pressed to find a foreigner who couldn’t say something nice about at least a few of our fine establishments.

And yet, there are some countries where even we great drinkers can learn a thing or two. If you’re looking to venture out into the world and fancy a pint, here’s where your itinerary should lead you:


Total lay-up. Because really, what else are they known for?


You know them for their wine, but they're making a name for themselves, especially in the light-bodied beer department.


If that picture doesn't sell it, the drinks will. Noted by several publications, if not for necessarily brewing the most high-quality crafts in the land, for doing a great job importing it.


More than just Heineken and weed, the Dutch are well known for top quality brew.


It's OK if all you've ever had is Sapporo with your sushi. Japan's in the middle of booze renaissance -- try the whiskey while you're there.


I want to tell you many interesting facts about various breweries, but really, just go for Oktoberfest.


Our parent country does many things right. Beer is one of them. Revolutionary Wars are not (boom roasted).


The kings for all time. No international beer traveler can skip over the holy land.


But the fact remains, America is one of the best places for a beer lover today. If you can't do an international trip, consider a drunken staycation.

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