12 Hot Girls Who Can't Even Cool Down with an Ice Cold Beer

12 Hot Girls Who Can't Even Cool Down with an Ice Cold Beer

When the sun is blazing, there's nothing better than cooling down with an ice-cold bottle of beer. It's a summer rite of passage that every human (over the age of 21) should go through. But sometimes, a cold brewski isn't enough. Some people are so incredibly hot, that even the chilled beer with lime is powerless. These are some of those people (and by people, we mean women).

That beer, like us, is sweating.

Is it possible to be drunk on horniness? 

That beer looks lukewarm at best. Those ladies look HAWT and ready to mingle. 

Our new favorite koozie. Size: Extra Large.

That beer's gonna boil over.

Straight from the source. Totally raw.

Spitters are quitters. (We're obviously referring to beer!)

Smoking  is bad for you! But everything about this picture is perfect.

Don't let us stop you from removing those jean shorts.

An entire FRIDGE OF BEER can't even cool this babe down.

Maybe the tub will cool her down, since the drink clearly hasn't. 

Ok. We can't take it anymore. Now we need a beer to cool down because our temperature below the border is WAY TOO HIGH!

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