Taylor Swift Goes To Jury Duty: Just Like You, But With More Selfies.

Taylor Swift Jury Duty

Imagine: you take the day off of work, Uncle Sam's orders, and enter your local courthouse, filled with other people who would rather be at work, and wait to be questioned to see if you qualify to miss more work without getting fired (and yay, about $5 per day, or hour...) and you see someone who looks familiar. You can't quite put your finger on it, but this stranger looks like someone you've seen a million times. After a double, triple and quadruple take, you understand that you're looking at the "Wildest Dream" singer herself, a toned-down Taylor Swift.

Wouldn't you be a little bit (or a lot!) more excited about receiving your jury duty summons if you had the chance to meet one of the biggest pop stars out there? Well, don't hold your breath, but who knows, maybe Taylor's act will inspire other celebs to get on her level.

What's doubly confounding: Taylor missed the VMAs for this. Umm... isn't that a work excuse, if we ever did hear one? Or did she simply not feel like going to the VMAs this year, and thought to herself, "Score! Good thing I got called into jury duty so I can miss the VMAs." Unlikely, but entirely possible. 

Another thing: this may have been a big ol' publicity stunt. Especially considering that social media use is prohibited, and Taylor and fans (i.e.: all of the other members of jury duty in that Nashville location) wanted to snap selfies with her. And actually did. 

Image from Twitter user @tessmcgeer

And Taylor was dismissed from the sexual assault case. Details of the case she was disqualified from include a radio DJ from Denver, CO allegedly raping a woman with a broom. She was ruled as incapable of being impartial, likely due to her strong feminist stance, which is definitely against anyone using their fame to take advantage of a woman working under them (remember what she did for Kesha?).

It looked like she had a hell of a time until they showed her the door. Tay Tay took a seemingly mundane activity, and turned it into an opportunity to bond and connect with her fans. Go Taylor!

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