Taylor Swift Squashes The Competition As The Top Paid Female In Music

Taylor Swift Squashes The Competition As The Top Paid Female In Music

Forbes named Taylor Swift the highest paid woman in music in 2016. Swift brought in over $170 million, which is more than twice what the second-runner-up Adele brought in ($80 million, respectively). It's clear that Taylor is a bonafide power house, but how did she make all that money? Let's break it down.



Swift banked a quarter of a million dollars, or $200 million, through her US 1989 tour this year.

EndorsementsTaylor has endorsed brands including Keds, Apple, and Diet Coke.

Forbes' Insider OpinionForbes' entertainment editor Zack O'Malley Greenburg explains: 'Taylor has completely overtaken everyone on our list due to the phenomenal success of her 1989 World Tour.

She played nearly twice as many dates as competitors like Adele and Rihanna during our scoring period, and managed to fill stadiums - the largest type of building one can play - throughout lucrative North American markets and beyond.

Touring is where music's top moneymakers generally score the bulk of their bucks, and Taylor is the prime example."


We also can't help but notice that Katy Perry (Forbes' numero uno last year with $125 million) is now number 6. She rose to number one last year during her Prismatic tour. Due to the reported Bad Blood between the two, maybe Taylor is pleased to beat a frenemie, or too busy and happy at the top to even notice.

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