This 25-Year Marriage Started With A Fart

This 25-Year Marriage Started With A Fart

If you have been in a relationship more than a few months, there is a huge chance that you two have already crossed that bridge constructed of gas. Yup, you are likely farting in front of one another now, but think back to when you first started dating and how that was completely out of the question. Well, now it’s time to meet a couple whose whole relationship was built around one woman’s inability to hold her fart in, and the man who took the blame..

The Venezias met back in college at a frat party. A typical story for many couples out there, but one major detail had been missing from their meet cute all these years. Perhaps the smelly secret would’ve been kept under wraps for 25 more years if it wasn’t for their 19-year-old daughter Kate. See, Kate thought she was just having lunch with her parents, as one normally does when her parents started talking about how they met.

Rewinding to the night her parents met, they were at a frat party when Kate’s mom let one rip. It apparently was not the kind you can just ignore either. You know, loud, smelly - the works. Likely embarrassed, some frat brother wound up taking the blame for it. That Knight in Farting Armor wound up being Kate’s dad. After she heard this story she had to share. Posting on Twitter with nothing more than a quick note, over 40,000 people and counting retweeted so far.

A modern day love story with a major twist, many who saw Kate’s parental tale believed that was the ultimate #RelationshipGoal and we can’t argue with that. If a man is willing to take the blame for your gas before even getting your name and number - it’s some sort of fate. While they don’t seem to mind how they met, Kate did say her mom was kind of upset with all these people knowing about her gastrointestinal issues. But we say, it’s fine mama, you're only human.

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