Finally, A Personality Quiz That Will Match You With The Dog Of Your Dreams

Dog matching app
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Dating apps making you want to give up on men? Are you over Tinder, Bumble and Looking to be matched with someone dependable and cuddly, with a wet nose? 

Everyone knows dogs are better than guys. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a dating app for dogs and people instead of men and women? What if there was a website that matched you with your perfect dog? 

Well, dog lovers rejoice because it does exist. Paws Like Me is the perfect new online matching site for you. It's a portal that brands itself as "eharmony for dogs." Potential dog owners can go on the site and fill out a questionnaire, which then matches you with the perfect adoptable dog based on your answers. 

Now this is not just one of those cute quizzes that tells you what kind of dog you would be. No, Paws Like Me matches you with actual adoptable dogs in your area that are most likely to fit in with your lifestyle. 


People who are looking to save a dog today from the shelter will have an easier way of finding their future pet. 

The questionnaire asks users questions like how long you are gone during a typical day, if you are extremely athletic or more of a couch potato, if you have a lot of small children or other animals and more lifestyle related inquiries like that. 


Once you have filled out the questions Paws Like Me will provide a list of all the adoptable dogs you've matched with, in order of closest match and includes a compatibility percentage.

So give up Tinder and try out Paws Like Me to find your perfect companion, who won't cheat on you. Save a homeless doggy today, adopt don't shop! 

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