Kenny Chesney's New Song Is All About Summer Single, Pretty Girls

Kenny Chesney

If you do not love at least one song from Kenny Chesney, then there is something wrong with you. Chesney has been on top of country music for nearly thirty years, and I doubt he is going anywhere anytime soon. 

He recently released his newest album entitled Cosmic Hallelujah and features the hit singles, "Set The World On Fire" and "Bar At The End Of The World." Now, Chesney will have to add another single to that list of hits. 

Called "All The Pretty Girls," this song is an homage to summer love and being an awkward teenager who goes on a lot of dates as they try to figure out life, love, and sexuality. He refers to the males as "lost boys" and females as "pretty girls" exclusively. Sounds about right. 

The song recounts what it is like to be young and in love, reckless and restricted, free and seventeen. There is nothing like young love and finding out who you are as you become an adult. It is a time of self discovery, and summers are what you live for. 

One lyric says, "All the whiskey went to my head. 'Shut up and kiss me,' all the pretty girls said." As one of the key pieces of the chorus, this line perfectly sums up the rest of the song. With whiskey being consumed, it makes it easier to have courage. For the speaker of the song, he uses the alcohol to get courage to "shut up and kiss" the pretty girls. Sounds like one hell of a summer. Are you feeling nostalgic yet?

The song is already on Billboard Country Hot 100 as well as on numerous top country Spotify playlists. I cannot listen to a country music playlist these days without this song being on it. "All The Pretty Girls" has clearly resonated with a lot of people. It is the song of everyone's reckless summer experiences.

Whether you were a cool kid or a nerd, this song captures what it meant to be seventeen and eager, a child on the verge of becoming an adult with hope in their eyes. 

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