George Strait Has The Perfect Hangover Fix

George Strait

It seems like just yesterday that we were newly minted 21-year-olds who could drink all night and then run a marathon the next day. As we get older, we learn that hangovers are the worst thing that could ever happen to you, making it impossible to move for at least the whole next day and giving you a treacherous headache. My head hurts just thinking about it. 

In rushes George Strait to our rescue. The country music legend is one of the most successful artists of all time and has more number one hits than the king of pop Michael Jackson. At the ripe old age of sixty five, Strait knows a thing or two about life, especially the perfect remedy for a hangover. 

According to Strait, the Spanish soup known as menudo is the fastest way to get rid of your morning after woes. The soup has a tomato base and lots of spices (but you can obviously tone down the spices if spicy food is not your thing). If your hangover makes you sick to your stomach, then chug some water and force yourself to eat menudo. Trust me. You will need something on your stomach to get rid of the alcohol. Feeling sick to your stomach will pass after you indulge with some menudo. 

The thick broth is perfect for making you full without a massive serving. Also, it smells incredible. You can add tortillas on the side if you are feeling particularly hungry. The carbs from the tortillas will be good for curing your hangover as well, giving you much needed energy to go about your day. 

When I first heard this tip, I thought that there could be no way that it could cure a hangover. I mean hangovers are NASTY. However, I decided to put it to the test after a night out on the town earlier this week. Waking up with a hangover the following morning, I went to my closest Mexican restaurant and ordered menudo. 

Let me just say that George Strait's tip did not disappoint. Without being too overzealous, I will say that it felt like my hangover went away within minutes of finishing the soup. I did not even need my hangover nap to get through the day. The soup did it all. 

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