A Woman Threw Her Prosthetic Leg On Stage While Keith Urban Was Performing

Keith Urban

Who does not love Keith Urban? For starters, he is from Australia, so his speaking voice is as smooth as butter. Not to mention that his singing voice sounds like it belongs in the heavens, and he is absolutely gorgeous. Really, there is nothing wrong with him. Everyone loves him. 

However, some people really love Urban. Like really. These people are known as the "Urban Army," and they try to be at every Keith Urban show. Sounds tiring, does it not? Not for these dedicated Urban fans. Nothing is too extreme for them. To them, every Keith Urban performance is a gift from God. There is no way that they are going to miss hearing his amazing voice come out of his beautiful mouth. 

One member of the Urban Army was close to the stage at a Keith Urban show many years ago - like before he had even met Nicole Kidman. Anyways, this fan yelled to Urban, "Will you sign my leg?!" Thinking that it would be a good story later, Urban said sure. He thought that she was going to hop on stage or that he would crouch down to her and sign her leg. 

He was very mistaken. 

This woman disappeared from his sight, and, the next thing he knew, she was throwing a prosthetic leg on stage. Chuckling, he signed the leg. Once he was finished, he sent the leg back via crowd surfing after a brief moment of hesitation on how to return the prosthetic. 

Crazy, right? I know my jaw definitely dropped when I heard this. However, Urban and this one legged woman now have a fantastic story that they can tell. In fact, this story received serious media attention after Urban and Kidman appeared on The Graham Norton Show. Norton had heard the story before and asked Urban about it on air. 

I am sure glad that Norton did ask Urban. This is a fantastic story that is sure to make anyone laugh and feel slightly weirded out. Hey, if I were that woman, I would cherish my Keith-Urban-signed leg. Wouldn't you if you were a member of the Urban Army?

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