Carrie Underwood Shares About Husband Mike Fisher's Epic Parenting Skills

Mike Fisher and Little Fish

Carrie Underwood has been at the top of the country charts since she won American Idol twelve years ago. Selling the most records of any American Idol contestant, it is safe to say that Underwood is one of the most successful artists of the millennia. Her songs are not just hits on the country charts but easily crossover into pop. 

When she married hockey player Mike Fisher, it did not come as a shock to Nashvillians. She had been out and about town with him for years, but the pair managed to keep their relationship very private, hiding from the cameras for the sake of sanity. They were married and gave birth to a baby boy, Isaiah, two years ago. 

Recently, the couple has been thrust into the spotlight because Fisher is competing in the Stanley Cup Finals as the center for the Nashville Predators. Underwood is at every game, sporting her husband's captain jersey and being a total fan girl. With this media attention comes scrutiny. 

This celebrity couple has not really seen much. Instead, they have been praised by the public for their demeanor and parenting skills. In fact, Underwood recently posted a picture of her husband doing the "hot dog dance" with their son before heading off to practice. The image shows how caring Fisher is and the pride Underwood has in her family. It is truly adorable. 

With toys scattered around the floor and a dancing hot dog on the screen, Isaiah is loving every minute of the quality time with his father. It looks like Mike Fisher is having a pretty good time himself. 

Both Underwood and Fisher flood their Instagram accounts with family values and adoration for each other and their son. This family is parenting goals, but I think that they know that. In the caption of the post, Underwood urges women to find a man who will be silly and affectionate with your child, making sure to give them a little extra love and attention before heading off to work. 

In the end, isn't this what we all want? The Fisher-Underwood team is serious life goals. 

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