If You Aren't Crying After This Miranda Lambert Performance, Then You Probably Don't Have A Heart

If You Aren't Crying After This Miranda Lambert Performance, Then You Probably Don't Have A Heart

It is safe to say that ever since Taylor Swift left country music, Miranda Lambert has reigned as the queen. From her debut album to her most recent sonic masterpiece The Weight of These Wings, Lambert delivers incredible lyrics with a world-class twang. 

At the American Country Music Awards last week, Lambert took home her eighth trophy for "Female Vocalist of the Year." That was probably the least notable thing she did that night, and that is pretty freaking notable. 

Lambert performed "Tin Man," a song off her newest album about her marriage to fellow country star Blake Shelton. The last minute decision had everyone in the audience tearing up. 

Lambert and Shelton were always in the spotlight especially after Shelton became the most quotable coach on NBC's The Voice. However, Lambert was never a fan of the limelight and started to push back against Shelton's newfound fame. He filed for divorce in June of 2015 after four years of marriage. 

In her song "Tin Man," Lambert addresses the famous Wizard of Oz character and writes, "If you ever felt one breakin', you'd never want a heart." She sings about how hard it is to have your heart broken and what it feels like as it shatters. When she performed the song on stage, it was just Lambert and her guitar in an acoustic performance that will give you cold chills. 

Lambert was supposed to play "We Should Be Friends," her current hit single off of the new album. Within the hour of her going on stage, she decided to play "Tin Man." Boy, are we happy she did. 

A symbolic FU to Blake Shelton, the performance resembled Taylor Swift's VMA performance of "White Horse" - she had just broken up with Joe Jonas and stared at him for the entirety of her time on stage. Similarly, Lambert sang the song to Shelton, showing that she not only will always love him but also that her heart still is healing after he broke it so completely. 

As a woman who believes that "staying married is the only way to work your problems out," Lambert shows that the weight of her wings comes from Shelton's divorce. 

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