Luke Bryan Destroys His Guitar On Stage In Greenville In A Total Rock Star Move

Luke Bryan Destroys His Guitar On Stage In Greenville In A Total Rock Star Move

If you have not already witnessed the amazing show that is a Luke Bryan concert, you need to buy your tickets right now. This guy really knows how to put on a show that is both fun and filled with great music. To put it simply, Luke Bryan is the real deal. 

A few weeks ago, Luke Bryan was on tour in Greenville, South Carolina. At the end of his show, he took his guitar and raised it above his head. The crowd starts to scream, and Bryan thinks for half a second before smashing his guitar into the stage. Wood flew everywhere, and Bryan proceeded to pick up the guitar and rip it in half. He showed the broken guitar to the crowd like a gladiator who has just defeated his opponent and soaks in the praise from the crowd. While that Gibson can never be played again, that guitar smash was really freaking cool. 

Bryan has never done something like this on stage before. However, he is known for being a crowd pleaser and doing the unexpected. He regularly takes shots of tequila with his band mates on stage and dances. No, he does not run and jump around the stage like some singers. He dances how ever his little heart desires. Usually, his hips take over and the audience understands what kind of dancing Bryan is going for in his former number one, "Country Girl (Shake it for me)."

But still, a guitar smash? On stage? That is a bit extreme even for Bryan. Regardless of whether or not you would smash a thousand dollar guitar, the act itself was a made the audience roar and something that is almost unheard of in country music concerts. This kind of behavior is reminiscent of Rock and Roll from a bygone era, and, at least for a moment, I am sure that Bryan felt just like a rock star when he smashed that guitar. 

Will Luke Bryan smash another guitar? Maybe. In the words of his former tour-mates Florida Georgia Line, "Anything Goes." What I do know is that Luke Bryan throws an incredible concert, and you should buy tickets to his next show. Who knows what shenanigans Bryan and his band will get up to on stage. 

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