Best Beers for the Summer

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Trying to name the best beers is an impossible task. Everyone has their own taste styles, people rep their hometown favorites, and breweries are cranking out new seasonal drinks fasters than fireworks on July 3rd.

No matter what your taste, a summer beer shares the same qualities all around. It’s noticeably sweeter and lighter than your standard fare, possibly with fruity notes or mixed up into a shandy. They’re best drank as cool as possible, and with quench your lazy drinking thirst no matter if you’re lounging inside, on a deck, or an inner tube on a lake.

These might not be the “best” summer beers out there, whatever that means. But here are five suggestions to start with so you don’t come stumbling up to your next BBQ with a handful of Amerrrrrica.

Stone Enjoy By Tangerine


Throwing fruit into a super-hoppy IPA is a new craft brewery trend, usually leading to the feeling of a decomposing fruit salad in your mouth. But this tangerine IPA actually works. Stone’s Enjoy By series, all printed with a "drink by" freshness date right on the bottle, already some of the best IPAs you can pick up at your corner store. find. Adding legitimate puréed tangerine balances the bitterness of the beer with needed tanginess.

Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale


We’re not talking hipstery nothingness here. This is a real Brooklyn summer. If your ready for a summer adventure, bring along this refreshing, flavorful pale ale made to accompany you on all your warm weather adventures. The clean flavor paired with a floral aroma is perfect for summer beer cocktails. Try this for a beer-mosa (beer and OJ) or a red eye (beer, tomato juice, and hot sauce to taste).

Victory Summer Love


This brewery of brotherly love delivers on the promise of summer with this light-bodied ale. The german hops and pale malt comes together beautifully to create a refreshing taste of summer. This beer is even responsible for boosting the morale of Philadelphia, specially commissioned by the Visit Philadelphia tourism board in order to capture the history and flavor of summer in Philly. Throw a six-pack of these into your cooler, and feel like you’re supporting a cause too.

Laitilan Kukko Pils


Yes, it’s gluten-free. No, it’s not a can of piss-poor beer. The Kukko (the Finnish word for rooster, as you can tell by the can) is reported to be the world's first gluten-free beer made with malted barley. Real ingredients equals real, delicious beer! If your celiac friends are suspicious, an independent study conducted by the Finnish Coeliac Society revealed that the beer was, in fact, gluten-free. Even if you’re not restricting your gluten intake, the sweet malt aroma is a perfect summer refreshment.

Abita Purple Haze


It’s not strictly a summer beer, but you’re going to tell me that a raspberry-infused masterpiece isn’t a perfect July brew? Abita is also straight out of New Orleans, where it’s pretty much summer all the time, so I trust their judgement. The new redesign will only make your drinking pleasure more fun, as the bottles and cans a voodoo conductor right off into the sunset.

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