This 14 Year Old Girl Renovated An Old Camper And The Pictures Are INSANE

This 14 Year Old Girl Renovated An Old Camper And The Pictures Are INSANE

Meet Ellie.

Ellie is a 14-year-old from Williamstown, West Virginia who used her summer vacation to turn a 1974 wilderness camper into a sunny, cheerful "glamper" that rivals Barbie's RV for the pinkest, most fun-looking RV ever.

So, how did young Ellie take the $200 van with standard old '70s interior and faux wood paneling... this whimsical, multi-colored PB Teen dream van? Lots of creativity, resourcefulness, a ton of elbow grease, and a little help from her dad and grandpa.

Ellie saved up $500 from chores and birthdays to put toward her masterpiece. After spending $200 on the van itself, she bought paint and renovation supplies with the remaining $300, and her dad Larry helped by chipping in for the wood and rubber roll. Then came the tough part, renovations!

The van, which was in rough shape, needed to be overhauled before the fun stuff could begin. Ellie, her dad, and her grandfather worked tirelessly to replace the floors, the roof, and some other outdated fixtures in the RV.

When all of that was completed, Ellie got to work painting the interior of the van this lovely shade of baby pink.

She also filled the space with positive affirmations, cool vintage decor that she found around town over the summer, and special touches like fabric napkins that her grandmother made.

Ellis is super happy with her new space, and plans to have sleepovers in it and spend quiet time alone reading and relaxing. “I couldn’t have gotten this far on this project without my family helping me bring my vision to life," she told Home Talk.

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