Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Just Released Their Duet "Craving You" And It Is Amazing

Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Just Released Their Duet "Craving You" And It Is Amazing

For those of you who do not follow Thomas Rhett on every social media platform, you may not know that he just released a bomb single featuring Maren Morris. Called "Craving You," the song is sexy and sultry with a good old-fashioned country twang. 

Leading up to the single's release, Rhett teased the song on Instagram and Twitter. Tagging Morris, Rhett brought in her accounts for twice the coverage. So, you could say that the song was heavily promoted. 

Craving You
Craving You via @thomasrhettakins

When the single finally was released on Friday, March 31, I, of course, went straight to Spotify as soon as I woke up and gave it a listen. To be completely honest, I wanted a lot more Morris. The rising country star was featured as a back-up singer to Rhett on each chorus and had her own solo for about ten seconds after the instrumental bridge. 

That being said, I would be a fool to say that this song was not stellar. Rhett and Morris are both excellent singers and songwriters, and they most definitely did not disappoint. The song is catchy and begging to be put on repeat. 

"Craving You" is about individuals who just cannot keep their hands off of each other, thinking about them throughout the day. Likening sexual cravings to hunger, the song dives into the early stages of any relationship, those moments where you cannot go to sleep because what is happening in your life is better than anything that you will dream about. 

The song shows off Rhett's vocals as well as showcases his partners. Morris is famous because of her ability to belt out any tune, and, boy, does she deliver. Her part in the song might be small, but Morris' vocals are nothing short of stellar. 

If you have a spare few minutes or are looking for some new tunes to listen to on your commute back home, I suggest you listen to Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris' "Craving You." It is passionate yet understated. Country yet pop. Emotional yet simple. Everyone has had moments where they "crave" someone else, and Rhett and Morris nail that feeling. 

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