Country Made was started by Angi when she was a single Mom of 4 Daughters back in 2019 after years of dreaming and planning and saving!

What was meant to soley be a fundraising company morphed into SO much more when Covid hit in 2020 and a couple store owners got their hands on Country Made’s amazing jerky and wanted it in their stores! We are now in over 400 stores/accounts and growing VERY quickly!

Angi and Zach met in 2020, became best friends and quickly fell in love and became a beautifully blended family of EIGHT! Country Made is still owned by Angi, but is now a Husband and Wife team and family worked company! When you find what you’re passionate about…you bring others with you…especially the ones you love!! We are a rare couple who genuinely enjoys working the day in and out together and growing Country Made as well as our Marriage!

.....this is our family and this is how WE Country!